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Advanced Security & ADFS

Some situations require advanced security configurations for password management, single sign-on, two-way Active Directory sync, user management policies, and federated security frameworks. Having properly managed security is the only way to keep content trimmed to those who should have access, and to ensure users are not experiencing unproductive time due to inability to access a misappropriated area.

We Can Help With:

  • Content-specific security
  • Role-based as well is individual security
  • Collaboration security
  • Cross Team
  • Cross Organization
  • Cross Company
  • Specific permission sets for types of access and functionality

SharePoint publishing typically uses a reverse proxy to act as a secure endpoint for SharePoint. The primary purpose of this device or software-based application is to carry out pre-authentication of connections to authenticate users first, and then only allowing authenticated users to access SharePoint. It essentially stops anonymous users gaining access to the servers hosting SharePoint without first being authenticated.

Related software:

Our Simple Account Manager makes management of security accounts easier!

ADFS Security Configurations

You need ADFS when you want your staff to authenticate to your domain's active directory and then be able to log into an external SharePoint portal seamlessly. Microsoft's Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) provides secure, federated identity management for SharePoint hosted at remote locations and uses your internal active directory for all your users for single sign-on (SSO).

Our Services Include:

  • Configure SharePoint Web Applications
  • Install and Configure ADFS
  • Create a relying party trust
  • Configure constrained delegation
  • Publish SharePoint Web Applications in WAP
  • Verify external access to SharePoint Web Applications

Microsoft ADFS is included as part of Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition and later. The new version of ADFS included with Windows Server 2012 R2 is very different to its predecessor, and environments that encompass a perimeter network can utilize WAP servers as the proxy server rather than additional AD FS Proxy servers.

SharePoint Account and Resource Partner 

What is Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid environment allows organizations to retain the on-premise SharePoint Server environment they have and plan a phased transition of some workloads to the cloud. The new features in SharePoint 2013 make it possible to connect some services running in both on-premise SharePoint as well as SharePoint Online in order to create an application that spans across cloud and on-premise.

Companies with On-Premises SharePoint 2013 are using a hybrid of on-premises intranet and Office 365 Personal Sites/OneDrives. Why? The primary reason is the availability of the OneDrive for Business app available for mobile devices. (get it below).  On-Premises MySites do not have an equivalent app available to sync personal documents.

Common hybrid configurations include search results from both environments, and utilizing OneDrive for Business in the cloud for on-prem users.

Our Services Include:

  • O365 federation via AD FS
  • VPN tunnels to cloud hosts
  • Redirection of your on-premise SharePoint MySite to O365 OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint Farm vs. Office 365

What is FBA?

Companies utilize forms-based authentication (FBA) with Internet-facing portals so that partners, clients, or board members don't require an active directory account. User identities are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Our Services Include:

  • FBA Configuration
  • Beautiful authentication forms that match your branding
  • Web parts for registering users, changing passwords, and password recovery
  • Tools for managing users and for approving registrations

If you want to share information between users who are within the corporate domain and external users, we can extend your SharePoint Web application to create an extranet-facing access point.

SharePoint Apps Security

SharePoint Topic Drilldown

SharePoint Support

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